Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mas Selamat's Improvised Floatation Device Discovered!

A toilet seat! Pop head up to breath, pop head underwater and seat cover closes for stealth mode!


  1. George says,


    Patent it!

    It may also look like a patch of seaweed, kelp, driftwood and other float some.
    You can also built in a compartment for rations and water and a long spear/oar (held vertically down) to fend of sharks and row if the current goes against you or the water is still.

  2. haha, good one.
    pse keep up the good work!

  3. Last time got one illegal immigrant used something like an inverted empty cupboard and put his head under it while his whole body submerged in water. He and his partner just swam doggy style all the way. But the coast guard spotted it because it was moving when the light was not shone on it and suddenly stopped when the light was shone on it. So I think our coast guards should be able to spot a toilet bowl seat.